Doosan NHM 8000

The remarkable rigidity of the NHM 8000 brings stability and durability to your machine shop.

The NHM 8000 is equipped with a one-piece bed that supports heavy duty cutting with the adoption of FEM analysis.

The NHM 8000 has a maximum spindle speed of 6.000 rpm (8.000 as optional) and is equipped with a spindle cooling system that controls the temperature of the surrounding jacket, keeping spindle bearings running optimally for continuous stable machining.

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

Masin X-telje käik Y-telje käik Z-telje käik Spindli pöörlemiskiirus Spindli ist Eritunnused
Doosan NHM 8000 1400 mm 1050 mm - 6000 RPM ISO 50 -

Green Machining

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