FPT Stinger 180

Thanks to its dynamic performance and versatility, FPT STINGER can be used in the working of dies and molds in both the pattern and mechanical parts and in aeronautical working. The machine is conceived with one rotation axis on the head with universal geometry and one on the rotary table.

STINGER provides an extraordinarily large useful work field in comparison with the travel of the axes. The head is drawn on the patented solution already applied on Dino machines that permits undercut working and has a negative “pivot” allowing the use of the vertical ram travel at best.

The longitudinal axis travel permits to space out the table rotation axis from the ram axis, consequently allowing machining with long tools on the lateral faces of the piece. The rotation of both the table and the head is continuous and obtained using Direct Drive motors that ensure high rotation and positioning speed.

The absence of mechanical rotation elements reduces the need for maintenance and grants high reliability and accuracy as well. The rotary axes can be used as continuous positioning axes or as interpolated axes for 5-axis working.

The optional equipment available for the STINGER includes tool changing, electro-spindle changing, workpiece measurement probes, tool control devices, cooling systems, exhausting units, and chip discharging. 

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

Masin Peaspindli padruni suurus Lattmaterjali läbimõõt Spindli pöörlemiskiirus Max treimise läbimõõt Max treimise pikkus Eritunnused
FPT Stinger 180 - - 12000 RPM,15000 RPM,18000 RPM,22000 RPM,34000 RPM - - -
FPT Stinger 280 APC - - 12000 RPM,15000 RPM,18000 RPM,22000 RPM,34000 RPM - - -

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