Doosan DCM 2740F II

Doosan DCM 2740F II is a five-sided double column machining center for accurate, large-scale machining in the die and mold and press mold industry.

The available table sizes of the DCM are large enough to handle the biggest parts you make, including excavator bases or large frame aerospace work. The machine’s adjustable cross rail has a hybrid structure that incorporates roller bearings with a box guideway system, which provides added rigidity and ultra-smooth travel.

With an effective column width 200 mm wider than that of competing machining centers from other manufacturers, the DCM 2740F II eliminates the need for cutting operations on multiple machines.

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

MasinX-telje käikY-telje käikZ-telje käikSpindli pöörlemiskiirusSpindli istEritunnused
Doosan DCM 2740F II4250 mm3200 mm---5-face machining

Green Machining

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