Doosan Mynx 9500

The Mynx 9500 is the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications and can easily handle steel, hardened metals, and other complex workpiece materials.

The Mynx 9500 has been designed with a large machining area that makes it possible to handle a wider range of workpieces, and you can also select spindles of various driving systems and specifications according to the workpiece material.

With the Mynx 9500, you get a premium machine for heavy-duty cutting that provides flawless surface finishes and unbeatable accuracy. Equipped with box type guideways, two-step gearbox and a wide range of spindles and other options, you can build the perfect heavy-duty machine tailored to meet your needs.

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

Masin X-telje käik Y-telje käik Z-telje käik Spindli pöörlemiskiirus Spindli ist Eritunnused
Doosan Mynx 9500 2500 mm 950 mm - 6000RPM,10000 RPM ISO 50 -

Green Machining

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