Doosan VM 960

Doosan VM 960 is a vertical machining center with high feedrates and excellent precision.

The VM 960 delivers superior surface finishes and machining accuracy, which are achieved through standard processing solutions such as high-speed / high-precision contour control and thermal displacement compensation.

Equipped with a low vibration dual contact spindle, the VM 960 offers optimum molding with the highest spindle speed (12.000 rpm) and the highest torque of 420 N·m in its class.

Designed for both roughing and finishing, the VM Series provides high productivity and high accuracy in a variety of machining operations.

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

Masin X-telje käik Y-telje käik Z-telje käik Spindli pöörlemiskiirus Spindli ist Eritunnused
Doosan VM 960 2000 mm 960 mm - 6000 RPM,8000 RPM,12000 RPM ISO 50 -
Doosan VM 960L 2400 mm 960 mm - 6000 RPM,8000 RPM,12000 RPM ISO 50 Long x-stroke

Green Machining

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