Doosan PUMA VTR2025

PUMA VTR2025 is a vertical ram type turning center with some of the most impressive specs in the industry.

The box guideway machine feature powerful ram-type spindles and large diameter cross taper roller bearings for almost any heavy-duty machining operations as well as servo-driven ATCs with a rapid and smooth tool change.

The PUMA VTR2025 is equipped with an automatic tool changer and has a standard capacity of 12 tools (16 tools for the M-type) and a wide variety of available tooling that enable uninterrupted fully automatic machining possible.

The PUMA VTR series is the optimal solution for the machining of large and heavy components made from difficult-to-machine materials such as aviation engine housings.

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Mudelid ja spetsifikatsioonid

MasinPeaspindli padruni suurusLattmaterjali läbimõõtSpindli pöörlemiskiirusMax treimise läbimõõtMax treimise pikkusEritunnused
Doosan PUMA VTR202579 inch-200 RPM2500 mm1900 mm-
Doosan PUMA VTR2025M79 inch-200 RPM2500 mm1900 mmMilling

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